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Pumpkin / Jack O'Lantern

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In a Brick Caps gift box? (+£1.99)

Valve caps / dust covers made from genuine LEGO® Pumpkins. Available for both Presta and Schrader valves - see final photo for a comparison if you need help identifying your valve type. 

Fun fact: these pumpkins were only ever released in one LEGO® set, Hagrid's Hut, back in 2010. Therefore they are now quite rare! What better way to pimp your ride this Halloween?

Presta valves are used on newer bicycles.

Schrader valves are used on cars, some bicycles and motorcycles and are thicker than presta valves.

Free delivery on all orders. Also be sure to drop us a photo of your Brick Caps for a chance to win your next pair for free! New winner selected every month, email: or drop us a DM on Insta: